Physical Security

Security Measures You Can Depend On

Physical Data Security begins at the pick-up of your electronic equipment with the assignment of a dedicated Quality Assurance Officer. Streamline Electronics Inc. provides state of the art security processes and procedures to insure the integrity of your data throughout the recycling process.

  • All products are wiped and certified to be free of any data prior to final performance testing in our Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) certified testing and storage facilities

  • Each project has an assigned Quality Assurance Account Manager on location, providing a physical escort officer for all data

  • All destroyed media meets DoD standards for destruction and the customer will have recordings for physical destruction on demand.

  • 24 hour Video Security Cameras at our facilities

  • Our consignment programs are highlighted by high security inventory facilities with ESD floors based on tomorrow technology requirements. Our facilities meet the ideal electronic resistance range with in the ANSI/ESD S20.20 guidelines.

Our process:

At STREAMLINE ELECTRONICS, INC. we concentrate on sanitizing hard drives and keeping the data of many corporations, cities, towns and businesses totally safe and certified as destroyed. Our testing facilities and procedures insure the quality and performance of our products.