Physical Security

Security Measures

Security is our main focus. Data destruction takes place within our secure caged area that is monitored electronically and visually through HD cameras.

  • Data sensitive materials are transported in locked totes and are escorted by an account manager to our double locked high value security area from time of arrival at our site facilities in central Massachusetts.

  • Each project has an assigned Quality Assurance Account Manager on location, providing a physical escort officer for all data

  • All transport vehicles are locked and secured in transit.

  • All destroyed media meets DoD standards for destruction and the customer will have recordings for physical destruction on demand.

  • Data destruction can be witnessed and certified on the client’s site or offsite in our secure facility.

  • 24 hour Video Security Cameras at our facilities

Our process:

All wiped data meets DoD data destruction criteria, data can be recovered from the hard drives of computers that have been formatted, degaussed and wiped using standard methods. Deleting and formatting doesn’t actually get rid of the data, the proper way to wipe or clean your data is to make repeated passes across every sector of your drive rewriting the data as you move through the process. Each bit of data on the drive can represent either a 1 or a 0. The determining factor of whether or not each area reads as a 1 or a 0 is millions of tiny “compass needles”. While overwriting or degaussing, not all of these tiny needles will realign themselves. Make repeated passes over these sectors and rewriting the data with opposing values, you increase your chances that the data will be unrecoverable. The first pass should rewrite data with alternating values such as “01010101”, while the second pass should rewrite with the values “10101010”, a third pass being totally random values. Applying this method, would render it impossible to decode any previous data written to the drive.

At HDI we concentrate on sanitizing hard drives and keeping the data of many corporations, cities, towns and businesses totally safe and permanently destroyed.