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Computer Recycling & Electronic Recycling

Warehousing space for end-of-life product is costly, and improper disposition can have catastrophic consequences to an organization and the environment. End-of-life equipment and components by the millions of pounds are retired every year. Many of these products, including CRTs, printed circuit boards, batteries, and mercury switches, among them, contain hazardous or toxic materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, beryllium and flame retardants. These materials require serious attention. Hightech Disposal experienced staff and long-standing downstream partners, provide customers with the environmentally-safe procedures necessary for recycling these items.

Data Destruction Services

  • Data destruction using a Department of Defense (DoD) approved method

  • All hard drive information is recorded for asset tracking

  • All hard drives are handled by a DoD Certified Information Assurance Officer

  • Hard drives are locked in a secure room until wiped/erased

  • Hard drives are wiped/erased to the DoD 5220-22.M standard with DoD approved software

  • A detailed report including serial numbers, model numbers and time of wipe/erasure is generated certifying destruction

  • Hard drives are considered reusable but the data is unrecoverable

  • Process is completed at Hightech Disposal’s secure facility

  • This service is performed virtually free of charge

Data destruction with the use of a mobile shredder

  • Hard drives are removed from computers/laptops/servers on site

  • All drives are scanned and serial numbers are recorded

  • All hard drives are fed into an industrial shredder (shredded to pieces less than one inch in size) on site so the destruction can be viewed

  • A detailed report is generated certifying destruction

  • Hard drives are completely destroyed, are not reusable and the data is unrecoverable

  • The remains of the hard drives are transported to a certified recycling center

  • Zero of the material will end up in a landfill

  • A 25 hard drive minimum requirement applies

  • Fees are charged per individual hard drive and can be adjusted based on volume